Software Process

This section is all about the processes of developing software. Software like building a house or designing a car is hardwork. However if we make it a point of following well defined systems and process along with using the right tools we can turn software development into something much more manageable and within the grasp of non-software developers.

Enjoy the following series of articles, let me know what you think!

Software development projects have a nasty reputation for getting out of control and being difficult to manage and complete. Let's explore ways to make managing software development projects more predictable
We are going to dig deep into our users needs and observe how they want to use the software, this will ultimately lead us to our MVP. We will know exactly what to build!
After all the planning time has come to change code. What happens now? Clear evidence of a rookie team is the lack of a Version Control System (VCS) tool and associated processes built around your VCS will provide all the visibility you need to track progress of your software project. Your VCS becomes the source of truth for your project.
Developers when programming use VCS to create a temporary private branch to work from to avoid negatively effecting others while changing code. The developer and rest of the team rely on Software Testing to ensure new and changed code does what is required of it, and the new code MUST NOT break existing functionality. Getting testing right has many profound positive effects on the project, let me explain.
A necessary part of building a culture Making changes to code on one's own in isolation can be problematic for a number of reasons, however, when you get a pair of scrutinizing eyes on your code, all sorts of things are going to come up that you probably had not considered.
Once your developer has taken her code through the demanding process of testing and peer reviews, it is time to make that code available to your users...
Once code has gone through the long process of being made ready for the end user it is time to let them have it. But it is not over yet, bug reports and feature requests will start to flow in, you best be ready for them!
I am a developer with modest design skills on a good day, and no formal training in the great arts of Design and User eXperience. However, I have compiled a set of BPs that allow the non designer in me to produce good looking and professional UIs at least I think so, what do you think?.
This document I briefly describe the primary elements of my software development process, if more details are required, then perhaps I will find to the time to expand.