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You ever have somebody ask you "what have you done?" and struggle to come up with something interesting and meaningful? I do. So this website is here to help me (remember what to) tell people what I have done and what I am currently doing.

recent articles

Using Ansible Dynamic Inventory with AWS

I assume most of y'all know a bit about ansible about ansible and why it has become so popular (this is mid 2017), it helps (bigtime) automating groups of servers (as well as network and storage devices).

Really fast static websites with Amazon's s3

AWS buckets configured as static webservers is a very simple but powerful capability provided us by the folks at AWS. S3 static servers will provide the foundation for a lot of future development, including static pages, Single Page Apps (SPAs) and Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) not to mention their role as holders of electronic stuff.

Managing hostnames in an AWS private network

Domain names are obviously a huge factor in our Internet today. Could you imagine having to remember instead of Of course not. So let's not do it in our private clouds either. Come on, let's automate...