This site is mostly about work and techie stuff revolving around running business in the cloud. But you will most likely end up with some personal narrative from time to time. In recent years my interests WRT computers and software development has largely been focused on clouds, virtualization and automating stuff.

Over the years I have collected notes on everything from notebooks and tablets, to markdown files on my computer and the ubiquitous Evernote app, etc. etc. Rather than keep all that stuff stashed a way, and hard to find. I thought I'd start puttin' notes on this website, kinda turn it in to, kinda like a website log or similar.

We'll see if it sticks.

My Background

I am a Software Engineer by career, education and choice. My computing background is primarily systems, networking and quite a bit of web stuff, currently working on Cloud and micro-service automation.

If you want the details on my career is is my (perhaps slightly outdated) resume.

Old Dog New Tricks?

Now, I have always thought of myself as a rather progressive technologist, you do get into grooves (others might call a rut) working in an industry for a decade or three.

So progress is fact, and as the modern agile technologist that I am, I must up my skill set.

NOTE: Rant will be saved for later, but years experience should not equate to obsoleteness. Matter of fact, some handy nuggets from the past surface from time to time.

Anyway, this is a project to refresh my skill set, and share some experiments with building, deploying and managing an online app. With our virtually unknown website. (chick <==> egg).

  if (chicken > egg) {
    log.error("Where did the chicken come from?");
    return failed;
  } else {
    log.error("Where did the egg come from?");
    return failed;

  /* ERROR: unreachable code */
  return success;