Software Engineer, Network Architect and IoT Hacker

Career Summary

Rusty Eddy
Huntington Beach, CA
(714) 362-5402

I am a Software Engineer and Contract Programmer living in Huntington Beach, CA with my family. I build micro-services and work on micro-controllers, usually with Go, C/C++, Python and JavaScript (among other techs).

Skills and Interests
  • Go, C/C++, Python and JavaScript (and many others..)
  • Computer Networks, Multicast Video Distribution
  • Distributed systems and realtime communications
  • DevOps, cloud automation and continuous delivery
  • Fullstack software development, reactive front-ends with VueJS
  • MicroServices: REST APIs, Websockets, etc.
  • Linux Systems and OpenSource Software

Work History

Eddy Consulting, LLC
Jan 2006 to present

For the past 15 years I have worked with many clients on a variety of projects. I can work in the capacity of an individual developer, team member or a team lead.

In addition to leadership and architectural activities, I program daily and keep up with the ever changing software industry to be sure I am applying the best solutions to any given project.

Partial Client List

Sugo Music. tm

Sugo Music is an online Music publishing platform for Artists by artists. It was my responsibility to manage the software process, build and test the backend and manage the front-end development in React.

Go, React, REST API, HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, Webapp, fullstack

Sahara Networks

Sahara Networks is building something truley unique, connecting micro-controllers and IoT devics across the network allowing virtual circuits to be created. I help design, develop and lead the design and implementation of the network protocol that delivers high speed digital I/O signals across a “device network”.

Backend, C/C++, nodejs, TCP/IP and Raspberry Pi

Radian Laser Systems, LLC

Radian is a small, fast moving startup that sells Laser Engravers and Cutters. I manage five software projects, including two Web Applications for the control and calibration of the Laser system. I am also responsible for the successful delivery and maintanance of the products Firmaware and Fleet Management system.

C/C++, Go & Python, embedded systems and microservices.

Alchemy Networks

Alchemy Networks is an indepently owned service provider. I automated the provisioning of their Private Cloud Service offering. I was an individual contributor on this project. I collaborated with another developer.

Ansible, Linux, Python, Websockets, Networking

DirecTV / AT&T

I was hired by DirecTV (and subsequently AT&T) to help lead the new Software Defined Networking (SDN) team. We were tasked with replacing the companies aging production Video Distribution Network with a new modernized design. Project goals included:

  • Replace aged network with modern SDN solution
  • Solution to incrementally replace existing production network
  • Development would build on industry standard OpenSource solutions
  • Had to be Reliable and Scalable
  • Linux, OpenFlow, Java and Python
Sierra Hydrographics

Led the design and development of automated data collection for hydrological gauging stations. Data is gathered by pulling data from line of sight telemetry radios and NOAA/LRGS satellite ground stations. Data is fed to timeseries server for hydrological calculations and alert monitoring.

Timeseries database, C/C++, PHP, Python and Java.

Green Hills Software

I worked on a small team that added multicast forwarding to the Integrity RTOS kernal. Modified multicast routing daemon to run on same operating system allowing the product to serve as the foundation for a military grade network switch/router. Added IPv6 Neighbor Discovery to the suite of routing protocols.

C/C++ and Network Routing Protocols; Real Time OS.

The IMS Company

Led a project to replicate entertainment media (music, video and games) from a single media source to hundreds of in­flight entertainment units with minimal redundancy. Contributed to the design and development of an inflight entertainment server.

Perl, Python, C/C++ and Java

Panasonic Avionics
Dec 2023 to Present
Member of Technical Staff
Cisco Systems
Feb 2000 to Feb 2006
Technical Lead

Original member of the Multicast Routing team. Team of 12 responsible for the design, implementation and testing the complete suite of Multicast Routing protocols for the Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS). Worked this project from early design through product launch into maintenance.

Computer Networks, Multicast Routing, C/C++, Real Time, Distributed Systems

Aug 1995 to Feb 2000
Senior Systems Programmer

Led the effort to add IGMP/PIM and Multicast Routing Information Base (MRIB) to the Open Source GateD suite of routing protocols. Mentored graduate students and others that would eventually become prominent members of the computer networking community.

Retix Systems
Jan 1994 to Aug 1995
Senior Software Engineer
Promoted to lead the team of 6 engineers that developed and automated test plans for L2 switches, OSPF, RIP and BGP Implemented an automated test framework and led junior engineers in developing the automated test suites. C; C++; Perl; TCL Provided 3rd level customer support, serious customer problems that could not be resolved by customer support or field engineers became my teams responsibility to diagnose and determine solutions and workarounds was required.
Rockwell Intl.
May 1989 to Jan 1994

Led a team of 5 Sysadmins responsible for the use and well being of Engineering Departments 300+ UNIX workstations, servers (Sun, HP, DEC) and network.

On a team that Developed a Real Time OS that was embedded in a variety of space and military projects.

Cal State University
Jan 1994 to Aug 1995
Senior Software Engineer

I was hired to install and manage the departments first AT&T Unix Mini-computers, UUNET connection and write a bulletin board system for California State Educators.


BS Computer Science

California State University, Long Beach

Jan 1989
MS Computer Science

University of Southern California

Jan 1996


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