Professional Resume of Rusty Eddy


I am a Software Engineer primarily interested in Cloud Automation, DevOps, and developing and managing MicroServices. I spend much of my time on architecture and system design, I still dig in and get my hands dirty with modern advances in software development.


  • Develop and manage micro-services built on cloud technologies, virtual machines, and containers including: AWS, Docker and underlying technologies like KVM, Docker, LXC, libvirt and similar.

  • Lead a fast moving, agile team of sharp, talented engineers, designers and operators to deliver industrial quality production systems for business critical applications.

  • Languages and ecosystems: Go, Clojure, NodeJS, PHP, Python and JavaScript. I am also really excited about automating enviroments with Ansible. I maintain a very heavy emphasis on OpenSource software. Full stack web development applications.

Summary Of Skills

  • Software Engineer: I am very capable of leading the design, implementation and delivery of software systems, as well as playing a supporting role. No system is too novel or complex.

  • Computer Networks: In depth knowledge of the TCP/IP networking protocols and principles, including switch, routing. With a strong interest in Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

  • Tools and Languages: Fullstack development with emphasis on the backend systems. Fully engaged in traditional and modern development practices and languages, including C/C++, Python, PHP and Java. Working knowledge of microservice development and general principals of decentrailized, asynchronous systems.


Software Engineer Eddy Consulting, LLC Feb 2006 - Present
  • Worked with clients to scope project requirements, establish budgets and schedules, design software architecture and lead teams of engineers through entire software development lifecycles. Project work included but not limited to C; C++; Python; PHP; JavaScript; Java & MySQL.

  • Alchemy Networks / CloudTrek: Ansible was used to automate the installation and configuration of CloudStack, XenServer and storage systems.

  • Python/Flask was used to create a REST API wrapper for the ansible services. The microservice provided a SocketIO interface for real-time automated updates.

  • DIRECTV / AT&T: Network / Software Architect. Lead a team of engineers in the devel of a Software Defined Network (SDN) controller for a multicast video delivery network, enhanced the ONOS SDN controller.

  • Built a video delivery network emulator in Python for indepth testing prior to production roll out with Mininet and Scapy.

  • Architected and Lead a team to deliver an automated network configuration management system designed as a micro-service based architecture, built with Flask/Python deployed in docker containers.

  • Green Hills Software: Project lead added multicast forwarding to the Integrity RTOS kernal. Modified multicast routing daemon to run on same operating system allowing the product to serve as the foundation for a military grade network switch/router. Added IPv6 Nieghbor Discovery to the suite of routing protocols. C/C++ and Network Routing Protocols; Real Time OS.

  • The IMS Company: Lead a project to replicate entertainment media (music, video and games) from a single media source to hundreds of in­flight entertainment units with minimal redundancy. Contributed to the design and development of an inflight entertainment server. Python, C/C++ and Java.

  • Sierra Hydrographics: Lead design and development of automated data collection for hydrological gauging stations. Data is gathered by pulling data from line of sight telemetry radios and NOAA/LRGS satellite ground stations. Data is fed to timeseries server for hydrological calculations and alert monitoring. System has evolved into a set of micro services using a messaging system with REDIS and series of REST and SOAP APIs. Development over the years has involved, PHP, Python, Java.

Technical Lead Cisco Systems Feb 2000 - Feb 2006
  • Original member of the Multicast Routing team. Team of 12 responsible for the design, implementation and testing the complete suite of Multicast Routing protocols for the Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS). Worked this project from early design through product launch into maintenance.

  • Promoted to technical lead with the responsibility to lead the team of software developers and test engineers, technical design, supervision and scheduling.

  • Developed the Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) from scratch, modified the QNX RTOS for multicast group membership and packet forwarding.

  • Lead development of High Availability, Hot Swap, Non Stop Forwarding & Performance Optimizations and a variety of other complex features. Performed third level field support.

Senior Systems Programmer University of Southern California
Information Sciences Institute
Aug 1995 - Feb 2000
  • Led the effort to add IGMP/PIM and Multicast Routing Information Base (MRIB) to the Open Source GateD suite of routing protocols. Lead graduate students and others that would eventually become prominent members of the computer networking community.

  • Software was bought by by 3Com, NextHop Technologies, Internet Engineering Group (iENG) and later Green Hills Software and HP to be included in product offerings.

  • Conceived of and lead the development of an Open Source test tool called PKT that resulted the National Science Foundation (NSF) project Network Interoperability Test Bed award number ANI­9901934

  • Contributed to the Routing Arbiter Toolset used by major network providers to coordinate inter provider routing policy and BGP configuration generator.

  • Majority of work in C/C++, Perl, TCL. Linux and BSD kernels.

Senior Software Engineer Retix Systems Jan 1994 - Aug 1995
  • Promoted to lead the team of 6 engineers that developed and automated test plans for L2 switches, OSPF, RIP and BGP

  • Architected an automated test framework and lead junior engineers in developing the automated tests. C; C++; Perl; TCL

  • Provided 3rd level customer support, serious customer problems that could not be resolved by customer support or field engineers became my teams responsibility to diagnose and determine workarounds when required.

Member of the Technical Staff Rockwell International
Space Systems Division
May 1989 - Jan 1994
  • Lead Sysadmin: lead a team of 5 Sysadmins responsible for the use and well being of Engineering Departments 300+ UNIX workstations, servers (Sun, HP, DEC) and network.

  • On a team that Developed a Real Time OS that was embedded in a variety of space and military projects.

  • Key team member that built the companies first hypertext Unified Information System (UNIS). The system took Space Shuttle Drawings from DEC/VAX CAD combined with project data from IBM mainframe and engineering data such as thermal and stress analysis into a graphical point and click system. This project predated our knowledge of and the widespread adoption of HTML and the World Wide Web.


Master of Science
Computer Science
University of Southern California Jan 1996

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science
California State University,
Long Beach
Dec 1989


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