Using Vue to Develop Webapps

VueJS is a JavaScript framework that has become immensly popular in recent years for good reason in my humble opinion. I am specifically interested in using vue to develop kiosk style dashboards.

Every piece of software that exists has to speak to the external world in some manner. It might be programattically through messaging or an API call. It could be a human clicking through an GUI on our laptop or phone.

I think it is clear that web apps are taking over the world. It is a powerful notion that they can pretty much run on any computing devices that support a browser, which is almost everything with a screen.

for embedded systems check out the WPE project!

That means that projects in the IoT space that need some form of human GUI can benefit from one of the largest develop echo systems in existance, web development.

learn to develop a modern web app, then my stuff will run everywhere!

Learning Java Script

I am not much of a Front End developer. I do know HTML and CSS, SCSS fairly well, though my joy and enthusiasm dicking with layouts and css nuances quickly runs thin..

But I do realize, and appreciate the value of a well done User Interface leading to an excellent User eXperience! The type of work I do needs to communicate complex thought in real time, sometimes with sifting through lots of data.

So I want to become comfortable with a powerful, flexible and well known way to develop IoT dashboards.

Go with the VUE

Of all the JavaScript frame works VUE just seems to be the best fit for what I’m trying to do. I plan to use the SPAClock project to create a great VUE interface.

CDN and Training Wheels

I just include the CDN link to the vue.js package and have coded some very simple UI tasks.

My real goal here is to start using the Single Page Components and being able to take advantage of reusable interface packages.

I am not looking forward to getting lost in the JavaScript package manager hell…

What Have I Done?

So far not much more than the intro tutorials, I need to make another pass at giving the front end of the SPAClock a great VUE!

My main question now is:

Do I need to use vue-cli or straight to some build set? Can I stick to the CDN?

I do not know the answer to this question yet. If you would like me to find the answer, just ask, I will!!! Even better, if you can answer this question, please do!

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