Software is Iterative

Good software, even crappy software that is useful will live many lives (versions) and therefore should not be treated as a final destination. It should be treated as a flawed, flowing and ever changing entity.

Good Software is Continually Improved

The greater the success software Is directly proportionate to The number of features that are requested As well as the number of bugs that are found.

Bug reports means your softwar is getting used.!.

That is obvious if people are happy using a software That they might have some requests that would flow in from time to time.

What might seem counterintuitive is the fact that, Even well done successful software will have bugs. Period. Good teams understand and embrace that… The Bugs will be fixed And the customers will be even happier

On the other hand, Bad software that is really buggy We’ll never really get used (the day of Micro$oft FUD are happy fading in the past).

Bugs will exist

Even the cleanest home is going to have a bug somewhere, right? Yep, same for software. We are going to embrace the bug, and then squish it (electronically of course).

This will re-inforce your clients love for you. The rare bug they do encounter get squashed and a fixed promptly and transparently roles out to your customers.