Proof of Concept vs. Production

New software often requires an exploration period that often results in a Proof of Concept (PoC) if you mistake a PoC with Production code you maybe screwed.

A POC is taking a conceptAnd demonstrating that it can actually be done in hardware and/or software. And implementation is takingApproving POC And turning it into something usable To somebody other than the developer.

Embrace this fact, And projecting software Development times and cost Become much less mysterious.

TODO Create an example PoC to Development

Was it Rodney Brooks that Said Plan on Throwing away your first version. Because you will anyway.

I Believe the motive behind this was simplyThe fact that Software development takes on to very different Trajectories Depending on whether you are buildingA known entity, Or are exploringA new development or concept.

The POC is really about Going from not knowing what you don’t know, Two knowing what you need To do. In the process of going from POC to implementation Is identifying that what you do know And associating that with Established industry patterns And best practices.

To Basically starting a development job not knowingWhen if or howYou’re going to accomplish the desired goal.