Bootstrap makes WebUI look great!

Bootstrap can be used to quickly get a web project up and running without having to futz much at all with css.

Bootstrap is a great way to get your ugly little fledgling website into something respectable in no time. Do not waste time futzing with silly formating directives, focuse on the site itself!

Bootstrap is used as the basis for styling this website, and most everthing I am responsible for designing, primarily because it looks great (professional), it is easy to use and customize and I understand it pretty well.

That means I get fairly good looking and professional pages with little effort. Not original, but that is not my goal.

Summary Of Bootstrap

  • On version 4
  • Written with SCSS
  • Very easy to extend
  • Throughout base of styling
  • Sophisticated components and forms

Bootstrap Examples

Are you in need for a new or spruced up website? I will build you one using bootstrap! Call me!


Where to get and learn about bootstrap: references: