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Warning not all notes are (or appear to be) important!

This document is going to be written to detail exactly how we are planning to track stats from Google Analytics and how we’ll use the Google data studio to our advantage.

I recently redid my website from scratch, after leaving my recent “Corporate Gig”. I really needed to complete redo. My main requirement was to author, and edit content in markdown with my favorite editor (emacs). The result was building a static site with Hugo. I LOVE it for so many reasons [Read More]…

Site relaunch! I have released my “minimum viable website”. Site authored with markdown, generated to HTML with Hugo and hosting by the absolutely lovely Github

A Static Website at it’s core are the simplest websites one could create. It has a metric ton of very favorable attributes. However, by far the most important thing for me is being able to author documents in Markdown within my favorite editor emacs or whatever I happen to be using at the time. This article will go over a number of reasons you may want to consider static websites for your web facing needs.

This document gives an overview of Google’s Webmaster Tools (GWT).
The Domain Name System (DNS) is used for naming computers on a network. DNS specifically maps computer DNS names to one or more of that computers IP Addresses. maps a computers’ IP Address to a computer name within in your companies (or personal domain name). Let’s assume we own the domain “” () is the system that “names computers on the Internet”. More specifically, every computer on the Internet has at least one unique IP address, two computers communicating on the Internet use each others IP addresses for the dialog.