About Me and This Site

I Design, Develop and Deliver Software

In the Beginning

My interest in computer programming started with the Commodore 64 while I was attending L.A. Harbor Community College taking classes to become a Mechanical Engineer.

Soon after I transferred to CSU Long Beach I switched majors to Computer Science, then just prior to graduating I took a job in Aerospace.

The Golden age of Aerospace

Employed as a Member of the Technical Staff at Rockwell Intl., Space Systems Division I began managing a network of Sun Microsystems “engineering workstations” as they were called at the time.

Soon after that I began programming embedded systems and real-time applications. While working at Rockwell Intl. I started attending USC for my masters degree where I focused on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems.

Institutionalized at USC

I left Rockwell to join a short lived startup called Retix Systems where I lead a Q&A lab for routing protocols. From there I was offered a position at Information Sciences Institute at USC where I engaged in Multicast Routing research and developed one of the earliest versions of the PIM multicast routing protocol.

The Dotcom Craze and Cisco Systems

That lead to a five year gig as a Technical Lead at Cisco Systems on a brand new product called the Core Routing System (CRS). At the time the hardware was being whiteboarded and we wrote source code from scratch.

I had been involved in the original development of MSDP, PIM, IGMP, multicast forwarding and other interesting things. After the project successfully went from R&D into production it was time to move on.

Out on My Own

From Cisco I started my own consulting company where I have had the chance to work with many diverse and interesting companies, projects and people on a wide range of technologies.

Even after all of the projects I’ve been able to work on, Computer Networks and Embedded Systems remain my favorites.

What About Now?

I still program almost everyday. Even though I have held titles such as “Principal Engineer”, “Technical Lead” and “Senior Systems Programmer” among others, I am most content when I am programming or automating a cloud based project.

I feel the most comfortable and excited when I am working on new projects that may not be well defined. I thrive on turning complex concepts and good ideas into real world working software.

About This Website

This website was built for my resume and eventually other things.

The content for this website was created with Markdown, then transformed to HTML pages with Hugo the static site generator.

The site is minimally styled with bootstrap and hosted by GitHub pages. The source for this site can be found at this GitHub repo.