Predictable IoT Software Development

Do you ever stress over a software project, or lose sleep wondering how to start?

Are you are involved in a software development project that is spinning out of control? Or maybe you want to keep from losing control?

If so, I created a cool little Software Project Starter Kit you may find helpful (and calming!). This guide is not about programming rather is is all about the process of delivering production software.

The Process will Set You Free

I have worked on over a hundred software projects, a few great successes, some honorable mentions, and a couple miserable failures.

It has been my observation that successful projects tend to all have just the right process in place. The projects that failed did so for a variety of reasons, which often included no process to too much process.

No process leads to chaos, bugs and arguments. Too much process kills efficiency, creativity and morale.

I have created this section of my website as a place to collect the Software Development Best Practices on a mission to define Just Enough Process to keep projects organized, predictable, efficient and a pleasure to work on. To that end I have put together a 6-part series that I believe are the mandatory ingredients to predictable results and peaceful software releases.

Why I am doing this?

I am a Software Engineer and I love what I do, at least most of the time. When things suck it is usually because of unreasonable expectations, or a team ruled by chaos.

I want to avoid suck projects.

The people that I work for, my clients, customers, employers and users all deserve the absolute best from my knowledge and experience, in addition to my present day skills.

I want to provide the best possible service for my clients, and free my team to focus on their strengths by establishing Just Enough Process.

I am hell bent on understanding and providing my clients predictable software projects delivered on time and in budget. It makes my life soooo much easier, and it's great for business. But most important, it is the best thing for my clients!

The Software Project Starter Kit

In this series I have established, what I believe are the 6 critical resources that must be part of every serious software project. We will get into what the typical problems are, what we can do to avoid these problems followed by a demonstration of these processes using 100% free tools and Open Source software.

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