rusty eddy

Software Engineer ~ Distributed Systems
rusty eddy

Following is a hypothetical interview, one very similar to the first 5 minutes of every “interview” one needs to sit through. And here goes the interview:

Hi, who are you?

My name is George Eddy, my friends call me Rusty. I live in Huntington Beach, CA with my family.

What do you do?

I am a hands on Software Engineer. I work on robots, realtime embedded systems and physical computing. I like working on hard problems with talented people.

What are you into?

I have a particular interest in autonomous navigation algorithms, computer vision, real time communications and machine learning.

What have you worked on in the past?

Three decades and counting developing, I have been debugging and supporting software and complex computer networks. As well as design, implement and support industrial strength, production quality software systems.

Can you give a couple examples?

I have also written three computer networking protocols from scratch with only an RFC (or Internet-draft). Added multicast routing to early versions of Linux, FreeBSD kernels and others. And tons of other stuff.

You can see more on my portfolio

What did you learn or acquire during that time?

My skills and previous titles include: Principal Engieer, Technical Lead, Member of The Technical Staff, Senior Software Engineer and Systems Programmer, amoug others.

And who have you worked for?

I have worked for Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Cisco Systems and McDonnel Douglas (now Boeing), USC/ISI. I have also worked with startups and small business.

Do you have a Resume, or a Portfolio?

For the particular dates, titles and projects you can get more detail from my resume and portfolio:

I have significant experience with, and interest in: embedded systems, real time communication, control systems, cloud automation, building micro-services and devops.