Rusty Eddy

Software Engineer, Service Oriented Architect and IoT Hacker.

I like to write software that makes hardware talk (computer networks), move (Robotics) and see (computer vision).

RedEye - The Intelligent Video Network

RedEye is a Streaming Video framework with Computer Vision pipelines. It allows you to dynamically control and view a network of video cameras allowing AI computer vision filters to be swapped dynamically. Live video streams, snapshots or pre-recorded videos can be fed into the RedEye VN.

RedEye consists of the following software components:

  • Camera software: M-JPEG Streamer with Computer Vision
  • Real-Time Video Hub: Serve Up Web App with real time data over websockets
  • APP / WebUI that displays video stream filtered with AI pipelines in Real-Time.

If you are interested in streaming video, computer vision and seeing real software being developed now, RedEye just might grab your interest!

How To Write Predicable Software

I have been writing software for nearly 3 decades (sheesh), I have been part of some massive failures and a few great successes and a variety of delivered projects of various quality.

I have started this little project to collect and document what I consider my “Best Practices” for delivering exactly the software that is needed in a timely and predictable manner.

With your help, I hope to make them useful for more than just myself, but anybody running a small development project. Like you, maybe? :)

If your interested and would like to comment, check out my Software Best Practices Project and let me know what you think?

My resume with my work life summed in a couple pages here: resume.