About Me

I Design, Develop and Deliver Software

I am a Software Engineer and Team Leader. I specialize in systems architecture and improving the software process for companies in the Robotics, IoT and Manufacturing space.

There is nothing like writing a program to bring a piece of hardware to life! Or get two pieces of equipment to “talk” to one another.

I live in Huntington Beach CA, with my family, contribute to maker projects and tinker with home and vehical automation when I am not surfing.

Early in my programming life I became fascinated with computer networks and the idea that I could connect two or more computers and make them talk to each other.

My core interest revolves around computer networks and communications which has had me involved in solving problems with realtime communication at massive scale.

I enjoy developing software for physical systems using micro-controllers (Raspberry PI, Arduino, esp32), realtime communications (i2c, websockets, MQTT), and embedded firmware.

I am equally fascinated with the challenges of managing interconnected networks of IoT devices, which involve heavy doses of cloud automation and systems administration.

I stay up to date on emerging technologies and adapt as necessary, while at the same time avoid being distracted with all things new and shiny.

Languages and Technologies I work with regularly include (but not limited to):

  • Go, REST API & Websockets
  • C/C++, TCP/IP, Computer Networks and Routing
  • Reactive front ends with JavaScript and Vue.
  • Python, Flask and lots of different packages
  • Cloud Automation with Digital Ocean, GCP & AWS.
  • Linux and Open Source

This Website

This website was built for my resume and eventually other things.

The content for this website was created with Markdown, then transformed to html pages with hugo the static site generator.

The site is minimally styled with bootstrap and hosted by github pages. The source for this site can be found at this github repo.