Tools and Workflow

Tools and Workflow

For this article we are going to use Github, Which is a pretty standard part of my workflow.

As many of you may know git is a software version control system. Github wraps a lot of very useful features around the source control tool like:

  1. Git soure control
  2. Github issues for tracking features, requests and bugs
  3. Kanban board to visually track and manage
  4. Actions: Automated debugs
  5. Pull requests for code review before committing
  6. Static HTTP server for web page documentation
  7. Release packages

With these capabilities built into github we have pretty much everything that we need to run our entire software development process.

During the process of identifying the MVP, we can use the github Projects Board to list and track task items as well as prioritize. There is no one correct way to go through this process. This is one way that I find pretty natural.

As the MVP is broken down into tasks, the tasks are then placed in the backlog of the Kanban board. They will then be ordered according to priority. In other words, the first task on the list is the next task that will be worked on.

When somebody becomes available that next task is assigned to the available person and is moved over into the Work In Progress (WIP) list.