Customer Discovery and MVP

How to derive the true (deep) requirements and mutually agree upon the MVP

This consists of one or more customer discovery sessions, where all users and owners of the software will be interviewed for their expectations, needs and desires from the upcoming software project.

The customer discovery is then turned into user stories, which are then vetted to collect the user stories. Then they are broke down into tasks that are Small, autonmous and measurable.

The test that we come up with must be completed within a day or two. Any task that requires three days or more should probably be broke down into smaller bite-size tasks.

We do not want to create tasks so that they’re big, ambiguous and subject to misinterpretation. If your team is not making progress in a day or two you should be able to know what immediately.

User Stories

The project can be discussed and understood best when the conversation is had in terms that the user is comfortable with.

The real value to user stories is to create them like they are recipes. Alternately, software or writing programs are defining recipes with very strict rules.


An important result of the customer discovery session is a mutual agreement on what the minimum or useful (viable) piece of software which can be delivered as soon as possible.

The MVP is then broke down into specific tasks and perhaps milestones.

The tasks and milestones are turned into cards placed on the to do list of our kanban board.