RedEye Webapp ~ Front End

RedEye is smart camera software built with Open Computer Vision (OpenCV) with simple control and configuration APIs

About The Image

The image above depicts the RedEye camera running with the Motion Detection VideoPipeline Plugin. It is identifying and tracking moving objects within the video.

About The Webapp

This Webapp was written with the Vue.js Framework. It uses Bootstrap for styling up the web page.

Single Page Application (SPA)

The website is a true Single Page Application (SPA) using the Vue Router and Vuex for state management.

RedEye Camera API

The backend is the RedEye Camera written in Go. It supports a:

  • REST Interface
  • MQTT for Messaging
  • Websockets for realtime updates
  • SPA for human interaction

Interested in the RedEye Project?

Fnd out more here: RedEye Smart Camera