RedEye Camera ~ Backend

RedEye is smart camera software built with Open Computer Vision (OpenCV) with simple control and configuration APIs

About the Camera Software

The RedEye Camera software streams video over IP through configurable Computer Vision Pipelines with example pipelines that include:

  • Face Detection
  • Motion Detection
  • Object Tracking

Pipelines can be built as plugins and added directly to the camera with runtime configuration. This allows you to add your own Computer Vision application(s) without worrying too much about the software that controls the camera.

Camera APIs

The Camera provides APIs for camera control, configuration and storage. These APIs give you complete control over the cameras functionality. Most of this functionality can be had through the built in webapp, or any other communication mechanism you choose.

The camera design is API first which means that all of the cameras functionality is exposed through the same libraries the camera operates from, giving you a tremendous amount of flexibility to integrate cameras into your application.

Control, Configuration and Storage

The APIs collectively provide control over the cameras play, pause and snap controls, a myriad of configurations including resolution, Frames Per Second, Color and a ton more.

The storage interface provides very flexible options when it comes to where and how to store video clips and snapshots..

Supported Protocols

All APIs can be accessed in one or more of the following ways:

  • Built Reactive Webapp
  • MQTT Messaging
  • Websockets

If you have any questions, find a bug or would like to use this software, please drop me a line, or fill out an issue.

Sample Source From Github