OC Low Vision Website

Orange County Low Vision is a small distributor for low vision reading devices. See how we worked together to help OCLV increase sales and reduce phone time for customer service.

Orange County Low Vision is old school when it comes to personal customer service. According to Kelly Eddy, the owner of OCLV:

“Many of our clients are well into their 80’s and above, further more we typically do business in their homes. Trust is everything.”

Since Personal Service and Trust have always been the foundation of OCLV “business” model, it is impairative the new website project reflect the same personable reality, yet leverage the internet to the benefit of the business and the client.

Project Goals

So Kelly established a couple very clear but simple goals (my favorite kind!):

  1. Produce one additional sale per month.
  2. Spend less time on the phone with customer support

The websites job is to expose the company to a group of qualified potential clients that previously had no way of knowing that OCLV exists, let alone can possibly make ther lives significantly better!

Project Results

The Website was launched in December of 2019. I am happy to say, OCLV has acquired their very first, online client! Bravo, well done! We plan on learning from this one and hopefully doubling that in the near future!