This portfolio consists of some projects I chose to highlight from over three decades developing software.

I have worked on some great projects with some amazing people for a variety of different companies. Here are some of the highlights, that I can remember.

Mobile Robot Project
May 17, 2019
This is my first project in the space of robotics, and what a great project it is, to essentially design and build a self navigating video camera!. There is actually alot more to it than that!
RedEye Streaming Video and Computer Vision
May 5, 2019
RedEye project manages live video streams used for autonomous vehicle control.
Arduino Software
March 22, 2019
A repo full of C/C++ code that controls local hardware such as sensors, motor controllers and communicate with external controllers.
Flask Webapp Control Raspberry Pi Server
February 22, 2019
This application provides a REST, MQTT and Websocket access to the Raspberry Pi Camera. Controller allows the camera to be operated from a remote control station, as well as stream live video.
Otto the Pluggable Micro Server for Macro Controllers
September 20, 2018
Otto was developed to solidify a variety of machine to machine communication mechanisms, specifically REST and MQTT with a emphasis on speed and simplicity. Plugins are used add purpose to otto.
Multicast Routing
April 21, 2017
IP Multicast Routing is a highly specialized area of modern computer networking that I worked with on quite a few projects, some listed here.
Software Defined Networking Hybrid Controller
June 22, 2014
I was hired to define a modern video distribution protocol for an extreemly high volume, nation wide video distribution network, using modern Software Defined Networking (SDN) techniques and Open Source software. My team and I built some really cool stuff!
pkt The Network Test Tool
May 22, 2008
In the early days developing and testing multicast routing protocols, and having to continuously generate various scenarious of arbitrary packet types and values that I developed the pkt network test tool. That tool would let me write ANYTHING I wanted to the network and completely transformed multicast network testing.