WebRTC What is it?

That is a good question, I have been trying to figure it out myself. Here are some notes that I have gathered along the way.

WebRTC stands for Web Realtime Communications. Yea, I know you can Google too, now let’s ask, “What does that mean?”.

Realtime Communication

Generally speaking we all, intuitively know what Real Time means, it is a sense of what is happening now. OK, that is reasonable, after all it is how we live the majority of our lives.

Communication “Topologies”

  • One to one
  • One to many
  • many to many
  • many to one?

Types of Communication

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text
  • Telemetry
  • etc

Tranmission Medium(s)

  • Local or Remote communication
  • wired or wireless
  • controlled / uncontrolled
  • under or over subscribed
  • reliability over time
  • usage patterns (christmas church service)

Handling Failure

If all communication found itself on reliable, consistent under-subscribed links with an efficient end-to-end network design, then realizing Realtime Communication would is simply a matter of living withing the bandwidth and delay of your communication end points.

However, for us that live in the real world, these things happen, at times, under ideal circumstances, but that certainly do not hold across the world wide Internet, for any number of the above issues that I list above.

We do find, when trying to codify real-time in software, as we program, design algorithms and test systems, we quickly find that we have to start define in increasingly granular terms, what “Real-Time” means.

The parameters we have to work with include: