Comparing the Arduino and Raspberry Pi

A quick discussion of the differences between the Arduino and Raspberry Pi and how they fit into the MBR Architecture.

Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi in Control Systems

I believe the Arudino has better hardware support, a real-time clock and due to itself simplicity creates a better platform to interact with external hardware in real-time.

The Raspberry Pi, however has a much more powerful set of processors, more memory and a general purpose operating system making it a more suitable choice for general purpose, sophisticated software, such as communicaitons and control software.

Assume a Distributed System

Combining the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, or similar SoC / MCU’s, like for example the NVIDIA Nano with an esp32 wifi module can make for some very flexible and powerful designs.

Of course that does come with a bit of a cost, in communication and messaging, which means such a sophisticated system needs to be designed with care.