Raspberry Pi Camera and Multiple Ports

I am using the Raspberry Pi Camera and the excellent PiCamera python library to simultaneously generate high and low definition streams from the same Raspberry Pi Camera.

As I started bumbling around trying to figure the best way to stream [live video from a moving vehicle], I found that the Raspberry Pi camera is capable of producing filtered versions of the images it is producing, through video ports.

Raspberry PiCamera and Video

  • The live video stream(s) will potentially be recieved by more than one consumer: including but not limited to:

    • Live streaming High Def video watch while the rover is roaming about
    • OpenCV module to run Computer Vision algorighms
    • Cloud storage for future replay
    • Snapshots can be produced or pulled from vide
  • The Raspberry Pi Camera has multiple ports

    • Video Ports (defaults):
    • Port 0 for high res, slow, mildly distruptive snapshots (capture)
    • Port 1 standard for video High Def video recording (1024, 768, 1240, 1080), etc

    • Additional ports

    • Port 2 lowdef low frames fed to OpenCV

    • Port 3 lowres capture triggered by events

  • There are many standards and ways to do things