The NRF240L1 RF Transceiver

This is a popular and powerful little RF chip that can be easily integrated into most any embedded application (even low power) by creating point to point pipelines or full mesh networks. Lets get down and crazy with some RF! really adventourous

This RC reciever chip is very easy to use out of the box, yet provides some very sophisticated capabilities. The first project We’ll start using this chip will be a remote control Joystick for our mobile robot.


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Source Voltage

According to Benjamin David Fraser Plugging the NRF24L02 directly into the Arduino 3.3v power supply pin, will produce unregulated power, which will eventually lead to flaky or failed communications.

He suggests either buying a voltage regulator to ensure we get a smooth regulated 3.3v.

Or you could stick a 1-10 uF Capacitor between the Vcc and Ground terminals, that minimally should regulated the 5v step down to a regulated 3.3v.

SPI Interface

The NRF24L01 operates from the SPI Interface, so controlling the chip with the standard pin outs on the Arduino or Raspberry Pi will be adequate for controlling the chip.

Point To Point Send and Recieve

Mesh Networks

Support on Arduino

We have it connected and communicating between two ends of an Arduino. On one end we have the joystick

Suipport on Raspberry Pi