Using Gstreamer to create an RTSP Server

An RTSP server can be useful for streaming live video to local sources. This article documents my use of streaming realtime video for vehicle navigation are documented in this article.

Of it earlier this month I set out to start streaming video From the CSI camera, that is a raspberry pie camera, From a moving vehicle for the vehicles guidance and navigation.

I was surprised to find that the whole world of streaming video is Incredibly complex. In 2019 we are streaming everything from stupid instagram videos to the NFL, yet do not have A solution that is easy universally adopted.

TLDR; Gstreamer RTSP Pipeline

We can stream video righout out of our Raspberry Pi’s Camera (CSI) attached to, either a Raspberry Pi or a Jetson Nano, GST extracts the video from the CSI camera using a custom driver (raspicamsrc or nvargussrc) for the RPi or Nano respectively.

Camera Generates Hidef and Lodef Streams

Two streames are sent from two active video ports on the camera (of highres and a lowres streams course you gotta ask for it), the streams are independently passed through gstreamer pipelines to be encoded and scaled accordingly.

RTSP Live Video Endpoints

The RTSP server created two “endpoints” that can be attached to recieve the video to be viewed or stored, etc. So in some cases it can make sense to have every video camera be the RTSP server.

The RTSP server does not necessarily serve the video, you can have a single RTSP server manage a variety of remote cameras.

Fact check: is the above really true?

No Simple Choice to Stream Live Video

In other words, We simply do not have A plug-and-play situation, The tools we use the serversThe configurations and all that are heavily dependent on the application and the various components of people reviews including the browsers people select.

Protocols, RTP and RTSP

We have a number of protocols for live streaming.

GStreamer for Video

GStreamer comes as a command line utilities or the tool GST launch that make experimenting with various video pipelines quite easy. it easy to experiment and bill with a callPipelines with. Well that tool is extremely powerful and many people use itAsset application framework directly, gst-launch-1.0 Was never meant to be an application rather anybody tool.

Developing Gstream Apps

The advice strategy streamer team will give you and building applications actually building from their libraries, Do you have Python and JavaScript binding so you do not have to develop in C. Python and JavaScript are options.


Gstreamer Has contributed large library they will turn Angie’s dreamer pipeline into an art ESP server, Sabes please do streamer to extract the videoFrom the camera for pipe into standard in, The raw video of then goes through So Mace G6 for a loading coating, Get trapped in RTP EtterBlah blah blah, into a stream.