Design Graphics with Canva

There is no reason to have ugly graphics, or a cheap looking logo ever again. Canva makes it so simple to create very cool graphcs.

Canva is a very simple yet powerful graphics art tool, for non-graphic artists. You can to on there and create free stuff, or, if you are a pro and create graphics all the time, you can optin for a reasonable montly fee.

I created the RedEye logo for the Mobile Robot Project using Canva, it took me 15 minutes, including remembering my forgotten password.

There are a ton of templates, graphics and photos that can be easily drag-n-dropped into place.

Pro Upgrades

  • Branding have your style guide saved and ready to go.

Save your style guide and past logos. Templates that have pred

Design School

The _Design School they put on is really well done. It is a quick, but informative and enjoyable 23 minute watch. The first few videos are all about design principals