Design Graphics with Canva

There is no reason to have ugly graphics, or a cheap looking logo for anything you are serious about. Canva makes it sinful to accept ugly graphics.

Hey I am no designer and you can accuse me of lacking originality when it comes to my design sensibilities, which can be dreadfully observed in my current version of this website (Oct 2017).

Editorial update the above statement still holds true in early 2020.

I love Canva it is super intuitive for a non-designer like me. It allows me to quickly create beautiful and consistent graphics for a variety of purposes including blog articles, social media properties, and such.

Canva will never replace a quality designer in tune with your vision. But, when you don’t have a top notch designer on the ready, Canva is!

In my case, I use Canva to create some blog images to stir emotion and interest, while occaisionally passing along something informative. At times I’ll even use Canva to create images used in production software.

For me, The key to keeping Canva, or any design project I find myself spearheading, an ultimate success is closely following the direction of smart and talented designers, while nozzling my own creative juices from splattering all over an other wise brilliant piece of work.

A significant metric for the success of a project is NOT being a gigantic time suck.

When it comes to design projects, I try to stay out of my own way.. Let the designers shine! In this case it is the huge

That’s it, beautiful image! Move on.!.

Some examples of images I created on Canva are “logos” for a couple of my personal projects:

  • TODO: control-station logo
  • TODO: redeye logo
  • TODO: SPAClock Logo

I created the RedEye logo for the Mobile Robot Project using Canva, it took me 15 minutes, including remembering my forgotten password.

Canva provides a ton of templates, graphics and photos that can easily be dropped into place.

TODO: Any interest in professional upgrades

Design School

The _Design School they put on is really well done. It is a quick, but informative and enjoyable 23 minute watch. The first few videos are all about design principals