Creating A Website

Posted by on 11th Oct 2017

The actual mechanics of creating a website, these days is incredibly simple. The importance of a website for so many people and businesses is incredibly important. The why do so many get it so wrong? Let's talk about it...

Creating A Good Website

What do I mean by people getting websites wrong? Well, in my opinion every website should have one primary job, (and may be two or three) secondary purposes. That job will help define what the website is going to do.

OK, this step is sometimes missing, but much more often too vague and ill described.

Website Design

  • Site Goals: Objectives (real numbers)
  • Site Name: url that is available
  • Site Map: Pages and navigation
  • Keyword(s): If SEO is an objective
  • Analytics
  • Email List / Sign up Form
    • Coordinate with provider