What do I get out of trying to convince you to give money to Wikipedia?

A Lot! I get to keep using Wikipedia, the most powerful and exstensive (and democratically unbiased!), single point of reference ever known to man.

That is what I get, the hope, and comfort that I am going to be to goto Wikipedia in the future, as I need to..

I think pretty much everybody (worth listening to) agrees that Wikipedia is one of the few must have websites of our ERA, what I did not know, (and maybe some of you weren't aware) that the Wikimedia foundation has some other projects that makes supporting this foundation even WAY more exciting, in my humble opinion.

Wikidata: Structured data that provides all? (or most) of the data

used in Wikipedia, Wikivoyage and Wikisource (and others).

WOW! did I hear that right? I (or a smart group of people) can access all of the data for those sites, in a structured manner, for anything imaginable?

Wikimedia Commons: Creative Commons repository for lots of stuff

Let's see what we can find and how it can be used...


Again, support Wikipedia!

They have a wikipedia store!