Rusty's Outta Site - Lean Website

Site relaunch! I have released my “minimum viable website”. Site authored with markdown, generated to HTML with Hugo and hosting by the absolutely lovely Github

I hope this is still true when I read this in the future!

NOTE My website is still lean and agile in April 2018!

This site is also agile! All changes to the website will be driven by a specific need (requirement), from somebody. The changes will also be applied incrementally in [hopefully] small sizes that are easy to comprehend, thoroughly test.

All changes to this site will be small, well defined, thoroughly tested in very short increments of a couple days long or so.

Static Site By Github

I am starting from starting from scratch, a static website generated by Jekyll with a minimal theme (minima), all (text) content authored in markdown.

Static Website thanks to Github!

Served by Github Pages from the “/docs” directory in my repo, Github does this for free! I do not even need to generate the the HTML myself (or even see it), it is all magic!

Github Static Sites Are …

Github static sites are Great, if you are OK with minimizing control over your site in exchange for the dead simplicity of it all.

Github Static Site Contstraints

Github static pages do have some constraints (aside from having to be a static site).

It is fast and free, also! Too good to be true? No, it’s true and a great resource for many

  1. Traffic Volumes Limited
  2. Limited a bit on flexibility (play in the Jekyll conventions you’ll be fine.)

My Website Version controlled, I can instantly go back to ANY previous version of the website.

This is about as easy a website that I can make. We are building our static website with:

  • Jekyll the static site generator built right into
  • markdown is used to author all content, eventually generated into HTML
  • minima theme the first and default theme that comes with Jekyll
  • github will host (and generate) our site for us.

All we have to do is create a site with a Jekyll directory structure and _config.yml file and will convert the markdown data, along with theme templates to HTML and serve up our site!