Software Engineer

Software Engineer is a highly skilled individual that is qualified to make or contribute to _architectural or design_ decisions.

Software Engineer is a highly skilled individual that is qualified to make or contribute to architectural or design decisions of a large software development. The Software Engineer typically works with Software Architects, Programmers.

Difference: Software Engineer vs. Programmer?

What is the difference between Software Engineer and Programmer

In my definition a programmer is a skilled individual that can develop a piece of software, typically as a subset of a larger system, test the software and ensure that it operates according to specified requirements.

Programming is a specific (and difficult) skillset to master in the larger umbrella discipline of Software Engineering. An analogy seems appropriate right now.

Example Software Engineer & Programmer

Imagine an Architect that oversees the complete design of a building, which includes everything from the structural foundation and the final design details.

Once the plans are complete, the Contractor works with customer, sub contractor (trades people) to ensure that each trade (and function) of the house are implemented properly.

The Software Engineer may have overall responsibility for the detailed design of there subsystem.

The Programmer will likely be given tasks from the Software Engineer to do the actually programming, testing and so on, much like a plumber or electrician handle their respective trades.

write a programming task that has been defined within the constraints of a given application

Do Software Engineers Program?

In my estimation, most software engineers actively engage in day to day programming or development activities, some more than others.

It is common for quality Software Engineers to rise up in leadership roles (both technical, managerial and even customer facing. These activities can

is one of those terms that is overloaded, in other words, it can have very different meanings depending on the user and the context. The text you are ready is all my opinion and observations (which are pretty much the way it is).

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